Web Design Template B

This package contains a few more things which you might be interested in. Along with the options of Template A (one landing page) , we include a Contact Us page and an About Us page.

Not everyone on the internet requires a massive web site. Sometimes, you just want a place for people to see your shop, with a location and some interesting pics. Also a place where you can post your phone number, an email address and your business hours. This is the package for you.

We will provide the following:

  • One landing page (your homepage)
  • One Contact Us page
  • One About Us page
  • Information about your business (like address, email, phone, business hours)
  • Pictures of your choosing *
  • Any sales text or information text of your choosing *


You must provide the images and/or text. Or for an extra cost we can provide you with a photographer to come in and take some snaps.

For more info call:  519-397-4947

Visit us at 5-455 Grand Ave East in Chatham, ON

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