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Our Philosophy

We believe that every business, in order to maintain viability in today’s internet based market, needs a presence on-line. It doesn’t have to be expensive. But it is required. The majority of potential new clients are using their phones to search for services and goods online, mostly through Google. Businesses need to tap into that market.

It doesn’t stop there. In order for your business to appear close to the top of that Google search, you need a SEO plan (Search Engine Optimization).

Geek4Cheap can help with both of these situations. We can build you a website, customized to your specific needs, and assist you in developing a SEO strategy that will give your business an opportunity to appear as high up in the Google search results as possible.

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Let's Talk Web Site!

We Provide a Variety of Solutions for your Website Needs

Starter Plan

Giving you a basic presence on the internet
$ 500
  • All important Landing page
  • Footer based Contact form
  • Google maps location
  • SEO Plan

Business Plan

More in-depth then the starter plan. A chance to shine.
$ 1000
  • Everything in the Starter Plan
  • About Us page
  • Dedicated contact form
  • Up to 3 pages to help describe your business

Advanced Plan

For those businesses that need a bit more
$ 1500
  • Everything in the Business Plan
  • Several pages describing your business in detail
  • Blogging area
  • User subscription service

Let's Get Started!

Our Process

Phase One - We Listen
Phase 2 - We research
Phase 3 - The Quote
Phase 4 - The Build
Phase 5 - Closing the project
Phase One - We Listen

The first phase is always to listen to what you want. What type of site is it going to be? Do you have any favorite colors? We listen, we take notes, then we move on to phase two.

Phase 2 - We research

The next thing we do is our research. How long will the project take? What third party applications are we going to need to introduce? What will everything cost? Once we have this figured out, it's on to phase three.

Phase 3 - The Quote

This is the point in the process where we develop a quote (contract) for you to peruse. This phase is rife with negotiations on both sides. Too much money required? What can we cut out to reduce the costs? Too much time involved? How can we shorten the development life cycle? After a series of back and forths, we sign the quote - which makes it into a contract. And then off to the next phase.

Phase 4 - The Build

The fourth phase is where we build the site. Armed with most of the information we would need, we begin building the site. This can involve registering a domain for you and finding a web host. Essentially, at the end of this phase, we have enough done that you can view it and sign off on the project. Your site is done - time to go to the next and possibly last phase.

Phase 5 - Closing the project

Our last phase is the closing of the project. Everything has been signed off, payment has been made, and you are off and running with your new site. There may still be a little bit of tweaking to be done - this is for our developers, so they will be happy with the site. But those would only be minor tweaks that probably nobody else in the world would notice (except maybe other developers). If, at this phase, you decide you want something more, we go back to phase one and repeat all the steps.

Custom Web Design

We'll build it for you wholesale

Sometimes you need something custom built. Perhaps you want a site that will run your business, or allow for customers to buy stuff online.

We’ll consult with you to find out the specifications of your requirements and come up with a quote and a plan for making your dream become a reality.

Contact us at service@geek4cheap.ca and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

Services We Provide

Domain Hosting

We can host your new website


We can assist you in maintaining your website, whether it is changing some text, doing backups, or anything in between.

Domain Name Search and Registration

We can conduct a domain name search for you, ensuring the name you want is available. Then we register the domain.

Our Growing Portfolio

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