Apr, 2015

Living with Alzheimer’s

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Hello, this is Mike Putnam with the Geek4Cheap Tip of the Week. This week I want to pass along a tip that helped one of our clients living with Alzheimer’s.

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Yesterday I was fortunate to spend time with a great business man in our community. He has been operating his business for over forty years and is one of the true pillars in our great city. Unfortunately he has been faced with Alzheimer and simple tasks are confusing and challenging.

You can see his face light up when telling others about his achievements but turn to sadness when he can’t remember day to day tasks. Alzheimer’s is truly a disease that dehumanizes a person.

Opening a website, checking email etc. on a computer can be very challenging. To help him, we printed off screen shots (Beginning to end) numbered with a title that he can follow when he needs to.

You can see the impact Alzheimer’s has on every family member that is impacted with this disease. My heart goes out to everyone that lives with it.