Dec, 2015

Busting the Wi-Fi Bottleneck

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This is Mike Putnam with the Geek4Cheap Tip of the week. The holiday season is again upon us and it may be time for new electronics connecting to your home network. You may experience slow internet even though you have a performance internet package. Let’s take a look at a popular bottleneck that can keep your devices from performing properly.


There can be a bottleneck effect when attaching multiple devices on your Wi-Fi router due to the allowed bandwidth of your Wi-Fi router.

Most $30-$40 routers are equipped with only a 300 Mbps single band 2.4GHz option. (Attaching a device that will be streaming music or movies to a 300 mbps (2.4Ghz) band may hamper your device from smooth performance due to your media player will require more than 300 mbps to keep from buffering)

Spend a few dollars more and you can get a dual band router that adds a 5Ghz to your 2.4GHz option. (Assigning your media players (Netflix, YouTube etc.) to the 5Ghz band will decrease the possibility of buffering and free up the 2.4 GHz band for phones, computers and tablets.)


If you have high traffic use with multiple streaming devices, you will want to run Ethernet cable to these devices to keep your network manageable and decrease buffering.


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