Apr, 2015

Beware of Microsoft Scam! “They” Say Your Computer Has a Virus

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Beware of Microsoft Scam! “They” Say Your Computer Has a Virus

Hello, this is Mike Putnam with the Geek4Cheap Tip of the Week. This week we are going to discuss the Microsoft Telephone Scam.

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I received a “Scam” phone call, and I want to warn you so others don’t fall for it. The scammer pretends to be from Microsoft (or some other legitimate company) to trick you. The Scam is designed to scare you into believing they have detected viruses within your computer and are calling to assist you. It is impossible for them to have this knowledge therefor they have you locate (or Remote in with your help) legitimate Windows files and claim they are “Virus” infections.

Victims of fraud could suffer from identity theft, having their computer hijacked, used to forward spam/viruses without their knowledge or the scammer could bilk you out of $200 or more.

When I confronted the gentleman on the other end of the phone he became very aggressive and began yelling at me. Please just hang up and move on the energy you spend being angry will never hurt their feelings.